1st AICCON (ASPIKOM International Communication Conference) 

Palembang, South Sumatra, November 12th14th, 2018


For all abstracts that have been accepted, it is expected to send a complete full paper text with the following guidelines:

1. Each accepted abstract, will submits a full paper, then pays the registration fee as a speakers. Full paper guidelines :

  • First part content of Title, Theme, authors, institution, phone number, email, abstract and keywords.
  • The content consists of: Introduction, Literatur review, Method, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, and References.
  • Other attachment like photo, picture, illustration if needed and put your CV on the last page

2. Title

Type the title in bold type, single-spaced, and centred across the top of the first page, in 14 point Times New Roman, as illustrated above. Use APA-approved title case and try not to exceed 15 words.

3. Authors

The author(s), affiliation(s), mailing address(es), and e-mail addresses should be single spaced and centred on the line below the title, in 12-point Times New Roman, as illustrated above. One line space should be used to separate author(s) from the paper title. Please do not include honorific or rank such as Sir, Dr, Professor, etc. If authors are from separate institutions, link each individual to his/her respective institution using superscripts as shown above.

For more info :

Download writing guidelines here.